What are the duties and responsibilities of an accountant?

4 Things an Accountant Does for Work

Are you currently in college trying to decide upon career choice? Many students go to college because they want to better their life and increase their odds of getting a good job. It can be very challenging and difficult to find a career path that you will love and choosing a major is one of the most difficult parts of college. One major that many students seem to love is the accounting major. If you’re not sure what accountants do, then this article will be able to help you. Let’s go over 4 of the main jobs that an accountant will do in their daily work.

Tax Preparation

One of the most common jobs that an accountant will do is tax preparation. The US News and World Report, states that tax preparation is one of the major duties of an accountant. Not only do accountants have to figure out how much a company or person owes the government, but they also have to make sure their taxes are filed correctly and on time, so they do not have to face any legal penalties. Accountants also try to find ways to reduce the amount of taxes a company or person owes the government. An ethical accountant will only do this if it is legal and ethical. A tax accountant works with governmental organizations, businesses, and individuals. They work with this companies to also do their bookkeeping.


Another primary job of an accountant services is bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is simply keeping and maintaining the company’s financial records. The work that is involved with bookkeeping includes payroll, accounts payable, creating balance sheets, handling accounts payable, and handling anything related to debit and credit. When an accountant takes care of the books, they can keep track of how much money a company earns and how much money they spend. Bookkeeping is a very important task that an accountant does because it can help keep the business from bankruptcy. A simple miscalculation can put a company into debt, so it is crucial for them to have an accountant that can do bookkeeping.


Auditing is another task that many accountants will perform for companies. Most companies like to have things audited because it helps them determine if there is any intentional misuse of funds for the company. An accountant can help reduce the amount of money that is wasted when they performed an auditing check. A good accountant will offer some ways to reduce the amount of cost is being wasted and be able to help the company earn a higher return on investment. Auditing is a great way to help a company increase a company’s profits and minimize wasting company funds.

These are just a few jobs that accounting can take on in any given day. Almost all accountants will do tax preparation, bookkeeping, and auditing for a business or individual. If these jobs look like something you’ll want to do later in life, then maybe accounting is a career choice you should look into.